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Pokemon News:
The new CoroCoro issue, released this week, has announced that a brand new Pokémon game is to be revealed. However, unlike people expect, this reveal isn't coming at Jump Festa but is in fact coming in the issue of CoroCoro next month, due out on January 14th 2012 in what they call a world first shocking announcement. It's currently unknown what game will be revealed, whether it will be main series or not but we'll provide information a few days before CoroCoro's release. Be sure to watch the site in case it comes early

Various Pokemon Eggs
It has been announced that, in Japan, there will be a special promotion over four weeks featuring various downloads of Pokémon Eggs as a tie in to it being the year of the Dragon. This download is done in the Japanese Pokémon Centres and gives an egg of one of six various Pokémon; Horsea, Trapinch, Swablu, Bagon Druddigon and Deino. It is unknown if these Pokémon will have Hidden Abilities or special moves but we do know that they're Shiny. The distribution periods are; January 5th to 15th, January 16th to 22nd, January 23rd to January 29th and January 30th to February 5th, allowing you four chances to get the different Pokémon

Rumble Blast Pokemon!
For those of you with the European Super Pokémon Rumble game, a special password has been released. This password gives you access to a Lugia. This Lugia has no Special trait, but has a strength of around 2200 and has the move; Aeroblast. The password for this Lugia is; 3467-3843. The American website also revealed the passwords for various other Pokémon as well. First, a Stunfisk with the trait Tangling, strength of around 2100 and the move Mud Shot has the password of 6482-3610. Next, the Grass Boost+ Serperior with the move Leaf Blade and strength of around 2100 with the password of 7111-4427. Next, a Fire Boost + Emboar with Heat Crash and strength around 2100 has the password 5662-7748. Next, a Water Boost + Samurott with Aqua Tail and strength of around 2100 has the password 2452-2129. A Groudon with no trait but a strength of around 2200 and the move Earthquake is out by the password; 0681-1611. Next, a Garchomp with the trait Super Star and the move Dragon Claw has the password of 1959-4010. Finally, an Eelektross with the trait Daring and the move Crunch has the password of 2159-4650

Event Pokemon!
For Germans, You can get a Darkrai! This Darkrai is holding an Enigma Berry. You can get it from your local Gamestop. This is for both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White versions. This event runs from Nov. 21 to Jan. 1

For Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, you can get an event Victini! This special Victini knows the following moves: V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, and Searing Shot. You can get it through Nintendo WFC if you have WiFi. You can only get it in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White versions. This event runs from Dec. 3 to Dec. 31!

For Japanese people, You can get either Tornadus or Thundurus! This is only for the Japanese VERSIONS of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. People with Pokemon White get Tornadus, and people with Pokemon Black get Thundurus. People with both are lucky! You can receive these Pokemon through Nintendo WFC if you have WiFi. This event runs from Dec. 16 to Jan. 10

Upcoming Tournament!
There is an upcoming tournament! we are hosting a tournament at Pokegens. It will start at a random day and random time, and we can hold 8 people. Rules are simple, all smogon rules, any tier EXCEPT for UBERS. The prizes are, 1st place: Either! Any Pokemon of choice, or an Elite Four spot. 2nd place: Either! Any Shiny of choice, or a Gym Leader spot. 3rd place: Any Legendary of choice. If you are interested, click the "Chat" link in the navigation. We will announce the day we choose to have this tournament.

C-Gear Deerling Skin

For those of you with the international games, a new C-Gear skin has been released. This C-Gear skin is unlocked automatically as part of a four month promotion featuring every Deerling form. This C-Gear skin, based on Winter Form Deerling will run from December 8th 2011 (at 13:00 local time) until January 11th 2012, so you'll have plenty of time to get it. This C-Gear skin is to be unlocked via a password. The password is B8XME69W

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